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Pyjamas Sets Our Souls On Fire. Herse's Proof

There used to be a time when getting dressed for bed meant choosing between your old, worn out t-shirt or a grandmotherly muumuu. However, we, at Pyjama Party, decided to give sleepwear a second look, spruced up our Pyjama drawers a bit and gave bedtime dressing a fabulous makeover. Our impeccably stylish PJ sets, although intended as sleepwear look equally flattering as daytime lounging staples. Our lounging gear needn’t just be reserved for the bedroom, its dapper for the streets or to be sported at the next weekend brunch.

We, at Pyjama Party, bring to you a world full of super comfy stay-ins and uber chic loungewear, all thoughtfully designed to be so comfortable that you wont give them a second thought. Handcrafted with keen attention to detail, our Pyjama Sets are a surefire bet if you’re looking to graduate from whatever ratty T-shirt is at the back of your drawer to swathing yourself in some kickass sleep-essentials. If you’re a real fancy-pants, why don’t you go for our bespoke Pyjama monogramming services, just for that added plushy, personal touch? We pretty much guarantee that you haven’t ever worn anything this fun to bed and will soon have more than just one pair. Pyjama Party- Goodies for a Good Night!

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Pinky Pj-Promise

In Need of Some Beauty Sleep (wear)? We shall deliver! With our stylish and refreshing approach to sleep separates, and buttery soft fabrics, we shall ensure that you’re not only investing in a great pair of Pyjamas but also indulging in some well-deserved self-care. Our Pyjamas are absolutely selfie-worthy and embody all of your fantasies about the “I just got out of bed and I look amazing “ look.


Pyjamas are the comfort food of clothing! The unsung heroes of our wardrobes! In this fast-paced world, our philosophy is… Just slow down, get in bed, and enjoy a blissful night’s sleep, in your favourite pjs, of course!

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Chief Executive Officer

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Meet Radhika. She is a dreamer, fashion addict, hopeless romantic, and serial napper. She loves Pyjamas, of course, and works them perfectly into her wardrobe. Here are some of her key Pyjama beliefs:

  • Pyjamas don’t just belong in the bedroom.
  • Pyjama dressing and the no-fuss look are certainly having a moment, or many!
  • Pyjamas are super versatile and can be seamlessly styled from your sheets to evenings-out to weekend trips.
  • A pretty pair of pjs can fulfill all of your sartorial bedtime dreams and make those Sunday lay-ins even more tempting.
  • The World is your Runway, so you gotta make a sweeping pj fashion statement!

Which led her to create Pyjama Party- a label with a snazzy take on traditional jammies, and oh so passé nightgowns. With her signature styling and quirky, playful prints, we can say she’s ready to set the ‘posh-pyjama’ world on fire!